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  2. So, i'm pretty sure you guys know about Crypto just showing up in game (if not, here's an image) Image by u/FrozenFroh on reddit So, lets examine this image for a bit: First off, we see a big boi person who looks like our image of Crypto that we had earlier along with the drone (that we also had an image). It seems like Crypto was planning something before you, the player, went inside the room. We can see a panel as well, with the phrases: So, what we can see from this is that Crypto is making the final steps to activate some kind of teleporter that will take him to a coordinate, that i can only assume is the sequence of numbers and letters in the third line. SECKEY could possibly mean Secret Key, which makes sense as it looks like this program has a really small security and anyone could see it. Another thing i want to mention is that ''null'' almost always means ''none'' but yes, if someday we need to put a SECKEY, it may or may not be Null. Location ready looks like something for a teleporter, that will teleport Crypto or us to another map (possibly opening the S3 with a new map). The only thing that gives me some doubts is that, from my knowledge, we've never seen a teleporter in the whole Titanfall universe, but its in the future, so you never know. As i said earlier, these sequences of numbers remind me only of coordinates, as a teleporter, of course, wouldn't work without coordinates. Or at least thats what i assume. Now, lets get to speculation. The Outlands Journal will probably going to talk about this, and maybe- just maybe, we'll get a message from Crypto. At the start of S3, we'll find ourselves in a teleporter (Wraith Takeover portal style) that takes you to a whole new map with a brand new biome and stuff. At this point its just me daydreaming but its fun to fantasize. Anyways, i know the post is all goofy, but i don't really know what else to write other than the fact that THIS IS ALL SPECULATION AND NOTHING HERE IS PROVED TO BE CORRECT OR CONFIRMED* This is it, thanks for sticking with me here, hope to see you guys again. Goodbye.
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  6. So they removed a ton of code so I will only put what they added "COMMS_SKYDIVE_EMOTES" "Skydive Emotes" "COMMS_QUICK_CHAT" "Quips" "COMMS_NEXT" "%[&weaponcycle|&jump]% QUIPS" "COMMS_PREV" "%[&weaponcycle|&jump]% PINGS" "WRAITH_LOG_USE" "%&use% PLAY AUDIO LOG" "WRAITH_LOG_USE" "%&use% play audio log" "SETTING_SENSITIVITY_DEFAULT" "(default)" "MENU_PEROPTICADS" "Custom ADS Controls" "PEROPTICADS_ENABLED" "Per Optic ADS Sensitivity" "PEROPTICADS_ENABLED_DESC" "Allow adjustment ADS sesnsitivity at each zoom level offered by in game optics." "PEROPTICADS_0" "1x Optic / Iron Sights" "PEROPTICADS_1" "2x Optic" "PEROPTICADS_2" "3x Optic" "PEROPTICADS_3" "4x Optic" "PEROPTICADS_4" "6x Optic" "PEROPTICADS_5" "8x Optic" "PEROPTICADS_6" "10x Optic" "LOOK_SENSITIVITY" "Look Sensitivity" "MENU_SENSITIVITY" "ADS Look Sensitivity . . ." "MENU_SENSITIVITY_DESC" "Fine tune ADS look sensitivity settings, including the option to adjust sensitivity per optical zoom level." "LOOK_SENSITIVITY_ADS" "Look Sensitivity (ADS)" "MENU_MOUSE_SENSITIVITY_ZOOM" "ADS Mouse Sensitivity . . ." "SELECT_SLOT_HEADER" "Select Slot for" "X_BUTTON_CLEAR" "%[X_BUTTON|MOUSE2]% Clear" "STICK_CHARMS_BUTTON" "%[STICK2|]% Charms" "STICK_SKINS_BUTTON" "%[STICK2|]% Skins" "CHARMS_BUTTON" "Charms" "SKINS_BUTTON" "Skins" "CHARMS_OWNED" "Charms Owned" "SKINS_OWNED" "Skins Owned" "weapon_charm_none_NAME" "None" "BADGES" "Badges" "QUIP_N" "Quip %s1" "QUIP_ITEM" "\"%s1\"" "TRACKERS" "Trackers" "INTRO_QUIP" "Intro Quip" "KILL_QUIP" "Kill Quip" "SETTING_WEAPON_AUTOCYCLE" "Weapon Auto-Cycle on Empty" "SETTING_WEAPON_AUTOCYCLE_DESC" "Automatically attempt to cycle to the next primary weapon when ammo is depleted." "SETTING_AUTOSPRINT" "Auto-Sprint" "SETTING_AUTOSPRINT_DESC" "`1Off`0: Pressing %speed% toggles sprinting on. You have full control of when to sprint and when to be more cautious.\n\n`1On`0: Always sprint when you move forward. Sprinting delays your shots and reduces control of fine movement." "SPACE_LOBBY_RETURN" "%SPACE% Return to Lobby" "SURVIVAL_PICKUP_ARMOR_E1_HINT" "Absorbs `150`0 damage. Gains strength with kills." "SURVIVAL_PICKUP_ARMOR_E2_HINT" "Absorbs `175`0 damage. Gains strength with kills." "SURVIVAL_PICKUP_ARMOR_E3_HINT" "Absorbs `1100`0 damage. Gains strength with kills." "SURVIVAL_PICKUP_ARMOR_E4_HINT" "Absorbs `1125`0 damage. Fully evolved." "CHAT_WHEEL" "Chat Wheel" "SURVIVAL_PICKUP_ARMOR_EVOLVING" "Evolving Body Shield" "HINT_SWITCH_WEAPON" "Press %weaponcycle% to cycle weapons" "SKIN_169" "Ghostwraith" "SKIN_170" "The Hired Gun" "SKIN_171" "Devil's Advocate" "SKIN_172" "The Masked Dancer" "SKIN_173" "Counter-culture" "SKIN_174" "Blossom" "SKIN_175" "Hardline" "SKIN_176" "The Pioneer" "SKIN_177" "Pharaoh's Curse" "SKIN_178" "The Cyberian" "SKIN_179" "Lion's Roar" "SKIN_180" "Rule of Law" "SKIN_181" "Paint the Planet" "SKIN_182" "Outside the Lines" "SKIN_183" "Night Light" "SKIN_184" "Gnarly" "SKIN_185" "Death Reel" "SKIN_186" "In The Mist" "SKIN_187" "The Aristocrat" "SKIN_188" "Under The Sun" "SKIN_189" "The Divinity" "SKIN_190" "Rising Tide" "SKIN_191" "Firestarter" "SKIN_192" "Party Starter" "SKIN_193" "Cherry Bomb" "SKIN_194" "Bionic Wonder" "weapon_skin_peacekeeper_legendary_06_NAME" "Ice 2 Meat U" "POSE_004" "Guarded" //bloodhound "FRAME_004" "Void Shadow" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "FRAME_005" "Catch of the Day" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "LOADSCREEN_011" "Voidwalker" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "LOADSCREEN_011_TEXT" "The following is a partially transcribed report discovered during construction of the Kings Canyon Apex Games 3.5.28:\nOn ____27, Security Guard Vart__ reported on record that an _______ trespasser infiltrated Kings Canyon facility ________ at 1900 hou__. We had be__ told the whole campus was cleared by order of ______ when we began ______. It’s important to note ___ the trespasser used an unknown tech____ to _____. I haven’t seen anything like ___ since my temporary assignment on p__net Typh___. We procee__ with our orders to completely _____ the entire underground ______ but request further instructions from A_R_ Div____. Who was she?" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "gcard_badge_season02_event02_shotguns_and_snipers_played_NAME" "Battle-tested" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "gcard_badge_season02_event02_shotguns_and_snipers_played_DESCRIPTION_SHORT" "Play Armed and Dangerous during the Voidwalker event" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "gcard_badge_season02_event02_shotguns_and_snipers_wins_NAME" "Battle-hardened" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "gcard_badge_season02_event02_shotguns_and_snipers_wins_DESCRIPTION_SHORT" "Win 5 Armed and Dangerous games during the Voidwalker event" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "gcard_badge_lifeline_retail01_NAME" "[lifeline_retail01]" //dfs_manual HAS_RETAIL01 "gcard_badge_lifeline_retail01_DESCRIPTION_SHORT" "[lifeline_retail01_DESCRIPTION_SHORT]" //dfs_manual HAS_RETAIL01 "gcard_badge_bloodhound_retail01_NAME" "[bloodhound_retail01]" //dfs_manual HAS_RETAIL01 "gcard_badge_bloodhound_retail01_DESCRIPTION_SHORT" "[bloodhound_retail01_DESCRIPTION_SHORT]" //dfs_manual HAS_RETAIL01 "FREEFALL_EMOTE_HINT" "%jump% Emote" "EQUIP_WHEEL_LOOT_REWARD" "Equip to Chat Wheel" "MAPZONE_WRAITH_TT" "Singh Labs" "MAPZONE_WRAITH_TT_SHORT" "Labs" "MAPZONE_WRAITH_TT_INSIDE" "Singh Labs Interior" "MISC_CUSTOMIZATION" "Game Customization" "SURVEY_MATCH_QUALITY_MESSAGE" "Did you enjoy the match you just played?\n\n\n`3Your answer will help us improve Apex Legends!\n\n%[B_BUTTON|ESCAPE]% Dismiss Survey" "SHOTGUNS_AND_SNIPERS" "Armed and Dangerous" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "SHOTGUNS_AND_SNIPERS_DESC" "Shotguns and sniper rifles\nwith limited armor" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "COLLECTION_EVENT_FRONT_PAGE_SUBTITLE" "Event Packs" "COLLECTION_EVENT_HEIRLOOM_BOX_TITLE" "Ultra-Rare Heirloom" "COLLECTION_EVENT_N_OF_M_PACKS_OPENED" "%s1/%s2 Packs Opened" "COLLECTION_EVENT_HEIRLOOM_BOX_FOOTER" "Random chance as bonus item in every event pack!" "COLLECTION_EVENT_PACK_DESCRIPTION" "Open to unlock event epics & legendaries." "SEASON02_EVENT01_REWARD_BOX_TITLE" "Limited Event Epics and Legendaries %s1/%s2" "SEASON02_EVENT02_TITLE_SHORT" "Voidwalker" "SEASON02_EVENT02_ITEM_GROUP_1_HEADER" "EVENT EXCLUSIVE ITEMS" "SEASON02_EVENT02_ITEM_GROUP_2_HEADER" "NEW ITEMS" "GIBRALTAR_BANNER_FRAME" "Gibraltar Banner Frame" "GIBRALTAR_MUSIC_PACK" "Gibraltar Music Pack" "WRAITH_MUSIC_PACK" "Wraith Music Pack" "VOIDWALKER_BUNDLE" "Voidwalker Bundle" "BUNDLE" "Bundle" "gcard_badge_account_rankedperiod01_rpbadge_DESCRIPTION_SHORT" "Displays your Ranked Series 1 Tier badge" "gcard_badge_account_rankedperiod01_rpbadge_NAME" "You're Tiering Me Apart\n`2Ranked Series 1
  7. Just putting this here for everyone to discuss and have something to reference Also attached the full list as a text document since its too damn long for here! 😄 Canyonlands_AMB_INT_Zone3_UGBCenterRoom Canyonlands_AMB_INT_Zone3_UGBRoom Canyonlands_Zone3_Emit_Drips_A Canyonlands_Zone3_Emit_Drips_B Canyonlands_Zone3_Emit_Drips_C Canyonlands_Zone3_Emit_Drips_D Canyonlands_Zone3_Emit_Light_A Canyonlands_Zone3_Emit_Light_B Char_11_tease_typingloop Crypto_Tease_Animation diag_ap_aiNotify_circleTimerStartRound2_w1 diag_ap_aiNotify_circleTimerStartRound2_w1a diag_ap_aiNotify_circleTimerStartRound2_w1b diag_ap_aiNotify_circleTimerStartRound2_w1c diag_ap_aiNotify_circleTimerStartRound2_w2 diag_ap_aiNotify_circleTimerStartRound2_w3 diag_ap_aiNotify_Tone_Start_ct diag_ap_aiNotify_Tone_Start_ct Laptop_Log_Activate LootBall_Roll_Default LootDrone_Mvmt_Crashing PhaseGate_Exit_Sky_3P PhaseGate_Flash_1p PhaseGate_Portal_Loop PhaseGate_Travel_1p PhaseGate_Travel_3p Phys_Imp_Lootball_Hard Phys_Imp_LootBall_Soft ShadowLegend_DropSequence_Land_Start_1P ShadowLegend_DropSequence_Land_Start_3P ShadowLegend_DropSequence_Land_Stop_1P ShadowLegend_DropSequence_Land_Stop_3P ShadowLegend_DropSequence_Travel_3P ShadowLegend_Shadow_Jump_1P ShadowLegend_Shadow_Jump_3P ShadowLegend_Shadow_Loop ShadowLegend_Shadow_Loop_1P ShadowLegend_Shadow_Loop_3P Wraith_Mvmt_Kunai_FirstDraw output.txt
  8. Hey Everyone! I wanted to create a community where we can all share, participate and organise information about Apex legends. I feel the current formats are meant to really blow through information fast, in a forum environment we can really deeply discuss topics. I hope you will all join me in creating a fun place to learn, share ideas and share information! Welcome! -ApexVids.com
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