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Changes to base_english PATCH 9/03/19

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So they removed a ton of code so I will only put what they added

"COMMS_SKYDIVE_EMOTES"                      "Skydive Emotes"
"COMMS_QUICK_CHAT"							"Quips"
"COMMS_NEXT"						"%[&weaponcycle|&jump]% QUIPS"			
"COMMS_PREV"						"%[&weaponcycle|&jump]% PINGS"

 "WRAITH_LOG_USE"                            "%&use% PLAY AUDIO LOG"
"WRAITH_LOG_USE"                            "%&use% play audio log"


"MENU_PEROPTICADS"                          "Custom ADS Controls"
        "PEROPTICADS_ENABLED"                       "Per Optic ADS Sensitivity"
        "PEROPTICADS_ENABLED_DESC"                  "Allow adjustment ADS sesnsitivity at each zoom level offered by in game optics."
        "PEROPTICADS_0"                             "1x Optic / Iron Sights"
        "PEROPTICADS_1"                             "2x Optic"
        "PEROPTICADS_2"                             "3x Optic"
        "PEROPTICADS_3"                             "4x Optic"
        "PEROPTICADS_4"                             "6x Optic"
        "PEROPTICADS_5"                             "8x Optic"
        "PEROPTICADS_6"                             "10x Optic"

"LOOK_SENSITIVITY"							"Look Sensitivity"
"MENU_SENSITIVITY"							"ADS Look Sensitivity . . ."
"MENU_SENSITIVITY_DESC"                     "Fine tune ADS look sensitivity settings, including the option to adjust sensitivity per optical zoom level."
"LOOK_SENSITIVITY_ADS"						"Look Sensitivity  (ADS)"

"MENU_MOUSE_SENSITIVITY_ZOOM"               "ADS Mouse Sensitivity . . ."

"SELECT_SLOT_HEADER"					    "Select Slot for"

"X_BUTTON_CLEAR"  							"%[X_BUTTON|MOUSE2]% Clear"

"STICK_CHARMS_BUTTON"                       "%[STICK2|]% Charms"
        "STICK_SKINS_BUTTON"                        "%[STICK2|]% Skins"
        "CHARMS_BUTTON"                             "Charms"
        "SKINS_BUTTON"                              "Skins"
        "CHARMS_OWNED"                              "Charms Owned"
        "SKINS_OWNED"                               "Skins Owned"
        "weapon_charm_none_NAME"                    "None"

		"BADGES"  										    "Badges"
"QUIP_N"  										    "Quip %s1"
		"QUIP_ITEM"                                         "\"%s1\""
		"TRACKERS"										    "Trackers"
"INTRO_QUIP"    									"Intro Quip"
        "KILL_QUIP"    										"Kill Quip"

"SETTING_WEAPON_AUTOCYCLE"                      	"Weapon Auto-Cycle on Empty"
        "SETTING_WEAPON_AUTOCYCLE_DESC"                 	"Automatically attempt to cycle to the next primary weapon when ammo is depleted."
        "SETTING_AUTOSPRINT"                    		  	"Auto-Sprint"
        "SETTING_AUTOSPRINT_DESC"               		  	"`1Off`0: Pressing %speed% toggles sprinting on.  You have full control of when to sprint and when to be more cautious.\n\n`1On`0: Always sprint when you move forward. Sprinting delays your shots and reduces control of fine movement."

        "SPACE_LOBBY_RETURN"                                "%SPACE% Return to Lobby"

"SURVIVAL_PICKUP_ARMOR_E1_HINT"   				"Absorbs `150`0 damage. Gains strength with kills."
        "SURVIVAL_PICKUP_ARMOR_E2_HINT"   				"Absorbs `175`0 damage. Gains strength with kills."
        "SURVIVAL_PICKUP_ARMOR_E3_HINT"   				"Absorbs `1100`0 damage. Gains strength with kills."
        "SURVIVAL_PICKUP_ARMOR_E4_HINT"                  "Absorbs `1125`0 damage. Fully evolved."

	        "CHAT_WHEEL"                                         "Chat Wheel"

		"SURVIVAL_PICKUP_ARMOR_EVOLVING"   			"Evolving Body Shield"

"HINT_SWITCH_WEAPON"					"Press %weaponcycle% to cycle weapons"

			"SKIN_169"                           "Ghostwraith"
		"SKIN_170"                           "The Hired Gun"
		"SKIN_171"                           "Devil's Advocate"
		"SKIN_172"                           "The Masked Dancer"
		"SKIN_173"                           "Counter-culture"
		"SKIN_174"                           "Blossom"
		"SKIN_175"                           "Hardline"
		"SKIN_176"                           "The Pioneer"
		"SKIN_177"                           "Pharaoh's Curse"
		"SKIN_178"                           "The Cyberian"
		"SKIN_179"                           "Lion's Roar"
		"SKIN_180"                           "Rule of Law"
		"SKIN_181"                           "Paint the Planet"
		"SKIN_182"                           "Outside the Lines"
		"SKIN_183"                           "Night Light"
		"SKIN_184"                           "Gnarly"
        "SKIN_185"                           "Death Reel"
        "SKIN_186"                           "In The Mist"
        "SKIN_187"                           "The Aristocrat"
        "SKIN_188"                           "Under The Sun"
        "SKIN_189"                           "The Divinity"
        "SKIN_190"                           "Rising Tide"
        "SKIN_191"                           "Firestarter"
        "SKIN_192"                           "Party Starter"
        "SKIN_193"                           "Cherry Bomb"
        "SKIN_194"                           "Bionic Wonder"

"weapon_skin_peacekeeper_legendary_06_NAME"							"Ice 2 Meat U"

	        "POSE_004"                          "Guarded" //bloodhound

	        "FRAME_004"                         "Void Shadow" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2
        "FRAME_005"                         "Catch of the Day" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2

        "LOADSCREEN_011"                    "Voidwalker" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2
        "LOADSCREEN_011_TEXT"               "The following is a partially transcribed report discovered during construction of the Kings Canyon Apex Games 3.5.28:\nOn  ____27, Security Guard Vart__ reported on record that an _______ trespasser infiltrated Kings Canyon facility ________ at 1900 hou__. We had be__ told the whole campus was cleared by order of ______ when we began ______. It’s important to note ___ the trespasser used an unknown tech____ to _____. I haven’t seen anything like ___ since my temporary assignment on p__net Typh___. We procee__ with our orders to completely  _____ the entire underground ______ but request further instructions from A_R_ Div____. Who was she?" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2

	        "gcard_badge_season02_event02_shotguns_and_snipers_played_NAME" 				"Battle-tested" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2
        "gcard_badge_season02_event02_shotguns_and_snipers_played_DESCRIPTION_SHORT"   	"Play Armed and Dangerous during the Voidwalker event" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2
        "gcard_badge_season02_event02_shotguns_and_snipers_wins_NAME"   				"Battle-hardened" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2
        "gcard_badge_season02_event02_shotguns_and_snipers_wins_DESCRIPTION_SHORT"  	"Win 5 Armed and Dangerous games during the Voidwalker event" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2
        "gcard_badge_lifeline_retail01_NAME"                          	"[lifeline_retail01]" //dfs_manual HAS_RETAIL01
        "gcard_badge_lifeline_retail01_DESCRIPTION_SHORT"             	"[lifeline_retail01_DESCRIPTION_SHORT]" //dfs_manual HAS_RETAIL01
        "gcard_badge_bloodhound_retail01_NAME"                          "[bloodhound_retail01]" //dfs_manual HAS_RETAIL01
        "gcard_badge_bloodhound_retail01_DESCRIPTION_SHORT"             "[bloodhound_retail01_DESCRIPTION_SHORT]" //dfs_manual HAS_RETAIL01

        "FREEFALL_EMOTE_HINT"                                                                       "%jump% Emote"

       "EQUIP_WHEEL_LOOT_REWARD"                                                                   "Equip to Chat Wheel"
       	        "MAPZONE_WRAITH_TT"                                     "Singh Labs"
        "MAPZONE_WRAITH_TT_SHORT"                               "Labs"
        "MAPZONE_WRAITH_TT_INSIDE"                              "Singh Labs Interior"
        "MISC_CUSTOMIZATION"                                    "Game Customization"
        "SURVEY_MATCH_QUALITY_MESSAGE"          "Did you enjoy the match you just played?\n\n\n`3Your answer will help us improve Apex Legends!\n\n%[B_BUTTON|ESCAPE]% Dismiss Survey"                
                "SHOTGUNS_AND_SNIPERS"                      "Armed and Dangerous" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2
        "SHOTGUNS_AND_SNIPERS_DESC"                 "Shotguns and sniper rifles\nwith limited armor" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2
                    "COLLECTION_EVENT_HEIRLOOM_BOX_TITLE" "Ultra-Rare Heirloom"
                    "COLLECTION_EVENT_N_OF_M_PACKS_OPENED" "%s1/%s2 Packs Opened"
                    "COLLECTION_EVENT_HEIRLOOM_BOX_FOOTER" "Random chance as bonus item in every event pack!"
                    "COLLECTION_EVENT_PACK_DESCRIPTION" "Open to unlock event epics & legendaries."
 		"SEASON02_EVENT01_REWARD_BOX_TITLE" "Limited Event Epics and Legendaries      %s1/%s2"    
        	        "SEASON02_EVENT02_TITLE_SHORT"			"Voidwalker"
        "GIBRALTAR_BANNER_FRAME"    "Gibraltar Banner Frame"
        "GIBRALTAR_MUSIC_PACK"      "Gibraltar Music Pack"
        "WRAITH_MUSIC_PACK"         "Wraith Music Pack"
        "VOIDWALKER_BUNDLE"         "Voidwalker Bundle"
        "BUNDLE"                    "Bundle"
        			"gcard_badge_account_rankedperiod01_rpbadge_DESCRIPTION_SHORT"                      "Displays your Ranked Series 1 Tier badge"
        "gcard_badge_account_rankedperiod01_rpbadge_NAME"                                   "You're Tiering Me Apart\n`2Ranked Series 1


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