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  1. So they removed a ton of code so I will only put what they added "COMMS_SKYDIVE_EMOTES" "Skydive Emotes" "COMMS_QUICK_CHAT" "Quips" "COMMS_NEXT" "%[&weaponcycle|&jump]% QUIPS" "COMMS_PREV" "%[&weaponcycle|&jump]% PINGS" "WRAITH_LOG_USE" "%&use% PLAY AUDIO LOG" "WRAITH_LOG_USE" "%&use% play audio log" "SETTING_SENSITIVITY_DEFAULT" "(default)" "MENU_PEROPTICADS" "Custom ADS Controls" "PEROPTICADS_ENABLED" "Per Optic ADS Sensitivity" "PEROPTICADS_ENABLED_DESC" "Allow adjustment ADS sesnsitivity at each zoom level offered by in game optics." "PEROPTICADS_0" "1x Optic / Iron Sights" "PEROPTICADS_1" "2x Optic" "PEROPTICADS_2" "3x Optic" "PEROPTICADS_3" "4x Optic" "PEROPTICADS_4" "6x Optic" "PEROPTICADS_5" "8x Optic" "PEROPTICADS_6" "10x Optic" "LOOK_SENSITIVITY" "Look Sensitivity" "MENU_SENSITIVITY" "ADS Look Sensitivity . . ." "MENU_SENSITIVITY_DESC" "Fine tune ADS look sensitivity settings, including the option to adjust sensitivity per optical zoom level." "LOOK_SENSITIVITY_ADS" "Look Sensitivity (ADS)" "MENU_MOUSE_SENSITIVITY_ZOOM" "ADS Mouse Sensitivity . . ." "SELECT_SLOT_HEADER" "Select Slot for" "X_BUTTON_CLEAR" "%[X_BUTTON|MOUSE2]% Clear" "STICK_CHARMS_BUTTON" "%[STICK2|]% Charms" "STICK_SKINS_BUTTON" "%[STICK2|]% Skins" "CHARMS_BUTTON" "Charms" "SKINS_BUTTON" "Skins" "CHARMS_OWNED" "Charms Owned" "SKINS_OWNED" "Skins Owned" "weapon_charm_none_NAME" "None" "BADGES" "Badges" "QUIP_N" "Quip %s1" "QUIP_ITEM" "\"%s1\"" "TRACKERS" "Trackers" "INTRO_QUIP" "Intro Quip" "KILL_QUIP" "Kill Quip" "SETTING_WEAPON_AUTOCYCLE" "Weapon Auto-Cycle on Empty" "SETTING_WEAPON_AUTOCYCLE_DESC" "Automatically attempt to cycle to the next primary weapon when ammo is depleted." "SETTING_AUTOSPRINT" "Auto-Sprint" "SETTING_AUTOSPRINT_DESC" "`1Off`0: Pressing %speed% toggles sprinting on. You have full control of when to sprint and when to be more cautious.\n\n`1On`0: Always sprint when you move forward. Sprinting delays your shots and reduces control of fine movement." "SPACE_LOBBY_RETURN" "%SPACE% Return to Lobby" "SURVIVAL_PICKUP_ARMOR_E1_HINT" "Absorbs `150`0 damage. Gains strength with kills." "SURVIVAL_PICKUP_ARMOR_E2_HINT" "Absorbs `175`0 damage. Gains strength with kills." "SURVIVAL_PICKUP_ARMOR_E3_HINT" "Absorbs `1100`0 damage. Gains strength with kills." "SURVIVAL_PICKUP_ARMOR_E4_HINT" "Absorbs `1125`0 damage. Fully evolved." "CHAT_WHEEL" "Chat Wheel" "SURVIVAL_PICKUP_ARMOR_EVOLVING" "Evolving Body Shield" "HINT_SWITCH_WEAPON" "Press %weaponcycle% to cycle weapons" "SKIN_169" "Ghostwraith" "SKIN_170" "The Hired Gun" "SKIN_171" "Devil's Advocate" "SKIN_172" "The Masked Dancer" "SKIN_173" "Counter-culture" "SKIN_174" "Blossom" "SKIN_175" "Hardline" "SKIN_176" "The Pioneer" "SKIN_177" "Pharaoh's Curse" "SKIN_178" "The Cyberian" "SKIN_179" "Lion's Roar" "SKIN_180" "Rule of Law" "SKIN_181" "Paint the Planet" "SKIN_182" "Outside the Lines" "SKIN_183" "Night Light" "SKIN_184" "Gnarly" "SKIN_185" "Death Reel" "SKIN_186" "In The Mist" "SKIN_187" "The Aristocrat" "SKIN_188" "Under The Sun" "SKIN_189" "The Divinity" "SKIN_190" "Rising Tide" "SKIN_191" "Firestarter" "SKIN_192" "Party Starter" "SKIN_193" "Cherry Bomb" "SKIN_194" "Bionic Wonder" "weapon_skin_peacekeeper_legendary_06_NAME" "Ice 2 Meat U" "POSE_004" "Guarded" //bloodhound "FRAME_004" "Void Shadow" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "FRAME_005" "Catch of the Day" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "LOADSCREEN_011" "Voidwalker" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "LOADSCREEN_011_TEXT" "The following is a partially transcribed report discovered during construction of the Kings Canyon Apex Games 3.5.28:\nOn ____27, Security Guard Vart__ reported on record that an _______ trespasser infiltrated Kings Canyon facility ________ at 1900 hou__. We had be__ told the whole campus was cleared by order of ______ when we began ______. It’s important to note ___ the trespasser used an unknown tech____ to _____. I haven’t seen anything like ___ since my temporary assignment on p__net Typh___. We procee__ with our orders to completely _____ the entire underground ______ but request further instructions from A_R_ Div____. Who was she?" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "gcard_badge_season02_event02_shotguns_and_snipers_played_NAME" "Battle-tested" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "gcard_badge_season02_event02_shotguns_and_snipers_played_DESCRIPTION_SHORT" "Play Armed and Dangerous during the Voidwalker event" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "gcard_badge_season02_event02_shotguns_and_snipers_wins_NAME" "Battle-hardened" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "gcard_badge_season02_event02_shotguns_and_snipers_wins_DESCRIPTION_SHORT" "Win 5 Armed and Dangerous games during the Voidwalker event" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "gcard_badge_lifeline_retail01_NAME" "[lifeline_retail01]" //dfs_manual HAS_RETAIL01 "gcard_badge_lifeline_retail01_DESCRIPTION_SHORT" "[lifeline_retail01_DESCRIPTION_SHORT]" //dfs_manual HAS_RETAIL01 "gcard_badge_bloodhound_retail01_NAME" "[bloodhound_retail01]" //dfs_manual HAS_RETAIL01 "gcard_badge_bloodhound_retail01_DESCRIPTION_SHORT" "[bloodhound_retail01_DESCRIPTION_SHORT]" //dfs_manual HAS_RETAIL01 "FREEFALL_EMOTE_HINT" "%jump% Emote" "EQUIP_WHEEL_LOOT_REWARD" "Equip to Chat Wheel" "MAPZONE_WRAITH_TT" "Singh Labs" "MAPZONE_WRAITH_TT_SHORT" "Labs" "MAPZONE_WRAITH_TT_INSIDE" "Singh Labs Interior" "MISC_CUSTOMIZATION" "Game Customization" "SURVEY_MATCH_QUALITY_MESSAGE" "Did you enjoy the match you just played?\n\n\n`3Your answer will help us improve Apex Legends!\n\n%[B_BUTTON|ESCAPE]% Dismiss Survey" "SHOTGUNS_AND_SNIPERS" "Armed and Dangerous" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "SHOTGUNS_AND_SNIPERS_DESC" "Shotguns and sniper rifles\nwith limited armor" //dfs_manual HAS_SEASON2_EVENT2 "COLLECTION_EVENT_FRONT_PAGE_SUBTITLE" "Event Packs" "COLLECTION_EVENT_HEIRLOOM_BOX_TITLE" "Ultra-Rare Heirloom" "COLLECTION_EVENT_N_OF_M_PACKS_OPENED" "%s1/%s2 Packs Opened" "COLLECTION_EVENT_HEIRLOOM_BOX_FOOTER" "Random chance as bonus item in every event pack!" "COLLECTION_EVENT_PACK_DESCRIPTION" "Open to unlock event epics & legendaries." "SEASON02_EVENT01_REWARD_BOX_TITLE" "Limited Event Epics and Legendaries %s1/%s2" "SEASON02_EVENT02_TITLE_SHORT" "Voidwalker" "SEASON02_EVENT02_ITEM_GROUP_1_HEADER" "EVENT EXCLUSIVE ITEMS" "SEASON02_EVENT02_ITEM_GROUP_2_HEADER" "NEW ITEMS" "GIBRALTAR_BANNER_FRAME" "Gibraltar Banner Frame" "GIBRALTAR_MUSIC_PACK" "Gibraltar Music Pack" "WRAITH_MUSIC_PACK" "Wraith Music Pack" "VOIDWALKER_BUNDLE" "Voidwalker Bundle" "BUNDLE" "Bundle" "gcard_badge_account_rankedperiod01_rpbadge_DESCRIPTION_SHORT" "Displays your Ranked Series 1 Tier badge" "gcard_badge_account_rankedperiod01_rpbadge_NAME" "You're Tiering Me Apart\n`2Ranked Series 1
  2. Just putting this here for everyone to discuss and have something to reference Also attached the full list as a text document since its too damn long for here! 😄 Canyonlands_AMB_INT_Zone3_UGBCenterRoom Canyonlands_AMB_INT_Zone3_UGBRoom Canyonlands_Zone3_Emit_Drips_A Canyonlands_Zone3_Emit_Drips_B Canyonlands_Zone3_Emit_Drips_C Canyonlands_Zone3_Emit_Drips_D Canyonlands_Zone3_Emit_Light_A Canyonlands_Zone3_Emit_Light_B Char_11_tease_typingloop Crypto_Tease_Animation diag_ap_aiNotify_circleTimerStartRound2_w1 diag_ap_aiNotify_circleTimerStartRound2_w1a diag_ap_aiNotify_circleTimerStartRound2_w1b diag_ap_aiNotify_circleTimerStartRound2_w1c diag_ap_aiNotify_circleTimerStartRound2_w2 diag_ap_aiNotify_circleTimerStartRound2_w3 diag_ap_aiNotify_Tone_Start_ct diag_ap_aiNotify_Tone_Start_ct Laptop_Log_Activate LootBall_Roll_Default LootDrone_Mvmt_Crashing PhaseGate_Exit_Sky_3P PhaseGate_Flash_1p PhaseGate_Portal_Loop PhaseGate_Travel_1p PhaseGate_Travel_3p Phys_Imp_Lootball_Hard Phys_Imp_LootBall_Soft ShadowLegend_DropSequence_Land_Start_1P ShadowLegend_DropSequence_Land_Start_3P ShadowLegend_DropSequence_Land_Stop_1P ShadowLegend_DropSequence_Land_Stop_3P ShadowLegend_DropSequence_Travel_3P ShadowLegend_Shadow_Jump_1P ShadowLegend_Shadow_Jump_3P ShadowLegend_Shadow_Loop ShadowLegend_Shadow_Loop_1P ShadowLegend_Shadow_Loop_3P Wraith_Mvmt_Kunai_FirstDraw output.txt
  3. Hey Everyone! I wanted to create a community where we can all share, participate and organise information about Apex legends. I feel the current formats are meant to really blow through information fast, in a forum environment we can really deeply discuss topics. I hope you will all join me in creating a fun place to learn, share ideas and share information! Welcome! -ApexVids.com
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