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  1. So, i'm pretty sure you guys know about Crypto just showing up in game (if not, here's an image) Image by u/FrozenFroh on reddit So, lets examine this image for a bit: First off, we see a big boi person who looks like our image of Crypto that we had earlier along with the drone (that we also had an image). It seems like Crypto was planning something before you, the player, went inside the room. We can see a panel as well, with the phrases: So, what we can see from this is that Crypto is making the final steps to activate some kind of teleporter that will take him to a coordinate, that i can only assume is the sequence of numbers and letters in the third line. SECKEY could possibly mean Secret Key, which makes sense as it looks like this program has a really small security and anyone could see it. Another thing i want to mention is that ''null'' almost always means ''none'' but yes, if someday we need to put a SECKEY, it may or may not be Null. Location ready looks like something for a teleporter, that will teleport Crypto or us to another map (possibly opening the S3 with a new map). The only thing that gives me some doubts is that, from my knowledge, we've never seen a teleporter in the whole Titanfall universe, but its in the future, so you never know. As i said earlier, these sequences of numbers remind me only of coordinates, as a teleporter, of course, wouldn't work without coordinates. Or at least thats what i assume. Now, lets get to speculation. The Outlands Journal will probably going to talk about this, and maybe- just maybe, we'll get a message from Crypto. At the start of S3, we'll find ourselves in a teleporter (Wraith Takeover portal style) that takes you to a whole new map with a brand new biome and stuff. At this point its just me daydreaming but its fun to fantasize. Anyways, i know the post is all goofy, but i don't really know what else to write other than the fact that THIS IS ALL SPECULATION AND NOTHING HERE IS PROVED TO BE CORRECT OR CONFIRMED* This is it, thanks for sticking with me here, hope to see you guys again. Goodbye.
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